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    On the premise of meeting the functional needs,,Designers express their deepest design intention with the least design language,in that case combine space and physical objects reasonably and delicately with concise drawing line ,to describe the most wonde
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    About Us
    betway体育滚球_betway中国_betway必威体育官网., stick in furniture industry for more than 10 years, in order to achieve the ideal independent home brand, and insert humanistic art into people’slife, adhere to "not only furniture suppliers and consumers home consultants, but also the creator of personality lifestyle. "As per its sensitivity to contemporary popularity, it integrates many excellent workmanship techniques, infuses new ideas into products, releases the soul of freedom, and brings the art of soft carving into life." The constant creation of bright spots leads to a new paradigm of fashion and the realization of everyone's different dreams about home. The humanistic concept accumulated in the furniture industry for many years,betway体育滚球_betway中国_betway必威体育官网. is one of the omni-directional operating institutions, has an international marketing team and creative center, from the brand planning, design, R&D, manufacturing, marketing etc.
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    How to clean fabric sofa?
    In recent years, fabric sofas become more and more popular, people like its beautiful design and comfortable sitt
    How to choose swivel chairs?
    1 Style: Consistent with one& 39;s hobbiesThe style and style of the swivel chair can be described in a variety
    Tips for maintain original leather sofa
    When mention leather sofa, some words will come to our mind:high-end,classy and high grade ,so if we said a rea
    We admire the humanism spirit of Renaissance which had ended off the dark age of the Middle Ages and lit up t